Chemical formula: C4H9OH

CAS number: 71-36-3

WE number: 200-751-6


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N-Butanol (NBA)

Product trade name: n-butanol , n-Butyl Alcohol

Chemical name of the compound: 1-butanol

Synonyms: n-butanol, normal butyl alcohol, butanol 1

Chemical and physical properties: A colorless liquid with a characteristic odor. It burns with a glowing flame. It is miscible with water in a ratio of 1:12. It is miscible with alcohols, acetone, benzene and diethyl ether in any ratio. N-Butanol dissolves fats and oils.

Use of the raw material: Butanol is used to prepare various esters, the most popular of which are butyl acetate and dibutyl phthalate. Normal butyl alcohol is used as a solvent for natural and artificial resins and various organic substances.

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