Chemical formula: C8 H18 O
Density: 0.821 g/cm3
CAS: 104-76-7


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2-ethylhexanol (EH)

An organic chemical compound from the alcohol group with a branched chiral eight-carbon hydrocarbon chain. It is a colorless liquid that is nearly insoluble in water but mixing well with the most organic solvents.

Method of obtaining
Produced on a mass scale as a fore-runner of plastifiers, a part of which is suspected to affect the hormone system of man.

2-ethylhexanol is used to produce plastifiers. Also, 2-ethylhexanol and its derivatives are used in the textile industry as a moistening agent and in the petrol industry as an agent improving the cetane rating, and are also used to produce coating-forming agent (2-ethylohexyl methacrylate; acrilate).

Storage and transport
This product is not classified as ADR.

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