Ethyl acetate


Chemical formula: C4H8O2

CAS number: 141-78-6

WE number: 205-500-4


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Ethyl acetate (ETAC)

Product trade name: Ethyl acetate

Chemical name of the compound: Ethyl acetate, Acetic ester, Acetic ether, Ethyl ester of acetic acid

Synonyms: Ethyl ethanoate, Ethyl acetate, Acetic ester, Acetic ether, Ethyl ester of acetic acid,

Chemical and physical properties: It is a colorless liquid with a characteristic, pleasant, fruity smell. It is commonly found in fruits. Very good organic solvent, slightly soluble in water.

Use of the raw material: Ethyl acetate is used primarily as a solvent and diluent, being favored because of its low cost, low toxicity, and agreeable odor. For example, it is commonly used to clean circuit boards and in some nail varnish removers (acetone is also used). It is also used in paints as an activator or hardener. Ethyl acetate is present in confectionery, perfumes, and fruits. Ethyl acetate is used as a solvent for paints, adhesives, nitrocellulose, plastics, vinyl resins, ester resins, herbicides, oils, fats, varnishes and for organic synthesis.

Health safety: Overexposure to ethyl acetate may cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Severe overexposure may cause weakness, drowsiness, and unconsciousness.

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