Chemical formula: C₂ H₇ NO
Density: 0,695 g/cm³
CAS number: 75-04-7
WE/EINECS number: 205-483-3
Index number: 603-030-00-8


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Monoethylamine (MEA)

Trade name: Monoetyloamina

Chemical name of the compound: Ethanamine

Synonyms: MEA, Ethylamine, 1-Aminoethane

Chemical and physical properties: Colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid (or gas – boiling temperature is 16 to 20 °C) with a specific, ammonia-like scent. Non-soluble in water, dissolves well in most organic solvents (e.g. ethanol or DEG).

Application: Chemical synthesis, for example medicine, pesticide, herbicide, surfactant production, or as catalyst. Substitute for ammonia in hair dyes.

Health safety: Inhaling may seriously injure mucous membrane, causing sore throat, cough, severe pains, dyspnoea, cyanosis. Concentrated MEA solution causes serious burning even when washed off with soap immediately. Liquid MEA may also cause corneal necrosis.

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