Chemical formula: C3H6O

CAS number: 67-64-1

WE number: 200-662-2


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Product trade name: Acetone

Chemical name of the compound: phenol

Synonyms: propanone, methyl ketone

Chemical and physical properties: A colorless, volatile, extremely flammable liquid ketone, the simplest aliphatic ketone. It has a sharp, characteristic smell. It is miscible in all proportions with water, ethanol, ethers and other low molecular weight ketones.

Use of the raw material: Widely used as an organic solvent. Uses include as a solvent for numerous organic substances and as a component of most paint and varnish removers. It is used in the manufacture of synthetic resins and fillers, smokeless powders (e.g., cordite), and numerous other organic compounds.

Health safety: Acetone is highly flammable. It is irritating to the eyes, dries the skin and may cause drowsiness or dizziness.

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