Styrene Monomer


Chemical formula: C8 H8
Density: 0.91
CAS: 100-42-5


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Styrene Monomer (SM)

Styrene is a transparent, colorless or yellowish, oily liquid with a sweet odor. It is flammable. Styrene is an essential element in plastics production since it ensures strength and elasticity being light at the same time.

Method of obtaining
The main method to obtain styrene is the ethylobenzene dehydrogenation.
Styrene can also be obtained by removing hydrogen chloride from chloroethylbenzene.

Styrene is used in big quantities in producing polystyrene, styrene copolimers, synthetic rubber and butadiene-styrene resins. The most commonly known and popular is ABS, obtained in the polymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Styrene is nowadays one of the basic raw materials for the plastics industry.

Storage and transport
Styrene is predominantly stored in stainless steel tanks.
It can be transported with tank cars. It is highly flammable and should be stored in a dry and well ventilated place free from the self-ignition risk. According to the ADR provisions it is classified as a product in 3rd hazard class. It should be marked as an irritant.

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