Chemical formula: C6 H15 N
Density: 0.725 kg/dm3
CAS: 121-44-8


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Triethyloamine (TEA)

Triethyloamine is a colorless, highly volatile, extremely flammable liquid, that is not soluble in water but is well soluble in the most organic solvents. It has a strong unpleasant fish odor.

Method of obtaining
Triethyloamine is obtained by the alkylation of ammonia with ethanol.

Triethyloamine is a commonly used base agent in the synthesis of organic compounds. It is also used in preparing amides and esters from acyl chlorides. It is used as a catalyst in producing polyurethane foams and epoxy resins. It is also useful in the dehydrohalogenation reaction and the oxygenation processes. It is an intermediate compound in producing drugs, pesticides and other chemicals.

Storage and transport
Triethyloamine should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from any ignition sources, sunlight, electricity sources, in tightly sealed containers.

For transport purposes, it is classified as ADR (ADR classification code: FC, RID/ADR class: 3, hazard label: 3.8, number UN 1296).

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