Monopropylene glycol


Chemical formula: C3 H8 O2
Density: 1,04
CAS: 57-55-6


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Monopropylene Glycol (MPG)

Monopropylene glycol is a transparent, colorless, sticky liquid with a specific odor. It is water-soluble and has hygroscopic properties. Owing to its low toxicity it is used in many industry branches.

Method of obtaining
Monopropylene glycol is obtained by hydrating the propylene oxide. Currently, two production methods are used:§ a non-catalytic, high-temperature process at 200-220°C § a catalytic process at 150-180°C in the presence of ion-exchanging resin or a small quantity of sulphuric acid or alkaliMonopropylene glycol can also be obtained from glycerin as a product remaining after the biodiesel production.

Monopropylene glycol is widely used, among others, in the food industry, chemical industry, medicine and pharmacy.In food processing, monopropylene glycol is used as a preservative (E1520) or emulsifier, and as a dye and aroma component.In the production of beauty products it is used as a solvent yielding the product the desired consistency and as a skin moistener.In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a carrier of the active substance of the drug.Monopropylene glycol is commonly used to produce antifreezes. It can also be used as a chemical half-product to produce high-quality unsaturated polyester resins used in paints and varnishes.

Storage and transport
Monopropylene glycol is stored in stainless steel containers and can be transported in tank cars. It is not classified as a hazardous product in transport.

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