Caustic Soda


Chemical formula: NaOH

CAS number: 1310-73-2

WE number: 215-185-5


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Caustic soda liquid

Product trade name:

Chemical name of the compound:

Synonyms: Caustic soda

Chemical and physical properties: Caustic soda in solid form dissolves very well in water and alcohols, creating a soda lye with highly corrosive properties. It is a slippery, colorless, odorless and non-flammable liquid. It easily reacts with substances with acidic, amphoteric and tenkai properties of non-metals, forming sodium salts. It has strong corrosive properties, especially in a humid environment.

Use of the raw material: This substance can be found in food (E524) as an acidity regulator. In addition, it is used in the production of detergents, dyes, rayon and in the paper industry. It is used in the production of soap, in water treatment processes (industrial purposes), in the final stage in the production of plastic adders used in the construction industry and in the production of additives for concrete and cement mortars.

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