Butyl di glycol


Chemical formula: C8H18O3

CAS number: 112-34-5

WE number: 203-961-6


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Butyl di glycol (BDG)

Product trade name: Butyl di glycol

Chemical name of the compound: 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol

Synonyms: 2-butoxyethanol, glycol monobutyl ether, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether

Chemical and physical properties: A colorless, clear liquid with a faint characteristic odour. It is soluble in water and miscible with many common solvents. It has low volatility and a high boiling point.

Use of the raw material: Butyl di glycol is most commonly used in the coatings and paint industries . In the printing industry is used as a solvent for printing inks, and is also a starting material in the production of butyl diglycol acetate.

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