Vinyl acetate monomer


Chemical formula: C4 H6 O2
Density: 0.933
CAS: 108-05-4


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Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)

Vinyl acetate monomer is a colorless liquid with a strong odor. It is hard soluble in water and well soluble in alcohol and ether.

Method of obtaining 
Vinyl acetate monomer is produced on a commercial scale in the reaction of acethylene with the acetic acid in the presence of a catalyst (mercury oxide  (II), HgO), or in the reaction of acetic hydride with acetic aldehyde.

It is used in producing vinyl polyacetate. It has a broad application in organic syntheses. It is used among others in plastics, paints, varnishes and glues.

Storage and transport
Vinyl acetate is can be stored in steel tanks and can be transported with tank cars.

It is highly flammable and should be stored in a dry and well ventilated place free from the self-ignition risk.

According to the ADR provisions it is classified as a product in 3rd hazard class.

More information is available in the product data sheet, available at this address.