Chemical formula: CH4O

Density: 0.792 g/cm3

CAS number: 67-56-1

EC number: 200-659-6


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Methanol (MeOH)

Product trade name: Methanol

Chemical name of the compound: Methanol


Chemical and physical properties: Colorless liquid with an odor similar to ethyl alcohol.

Use of the raw material: it is most often used as a solvent in organic synthesis, and is also used in the plastics industry, washing liquids, production of synthetic fibers, dyeing and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used in the production of explosives, formalin, other chemical raw materials such as methyl esters, formic acid, polyosymethylene, formaldehyde. It is also a component of fuel in internal combustion engines. It uses antibacterial, fungicidal and antimicrobial properties.

Health safety: Strong poison, difficult to distinguish from ethanol. Do not consume or drink methyl alcohol, because it can lead to blindness, disability and death: consumption of about 10g of the raw material can result in blindness, and a larger amount results in death.

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