Monoethylene glycol


Chemical formula: C2 H6 O2
Density: 1.115
CAS: 107-21-1


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Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)

Monoethylene glycol is a transparent and slightly sticky liquid. It is practically odorless. It mixes with water, alcohols and numerous other organic compounds.

Method of obtaining
The method of producing monoethylene glycol which is most commonly used is the hydrolysis of ethylene oxide.

Monoethylene glycol is used in antifreezes for engine coolers and in cooling systems as an component.

It is also used to produce polyester and alkyd resins and synthetic fibers, and also solvents, plastifiers and explosives.

Storage and transport
Monoethylene glycol is most commonly stored in stainless steel or aluminum tanks.

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